Frequently Asked Questions

How does the meta-search work?

An interface is used to regularly query content on various websites and integrate it into a overarching search index. The origin of the matches from the respective projects is made visible in the list of results.

Why are important projects in the field of Jewish history missing?

Unlike the comprehensive project overview maintained by Michelle Margolis and Gerben Zaagsma within the framework of DHJewish at the C²DH in Luxembourg, our portal does not aim at a complete coverage of all digital projects, but rather at making selected projects searchable within a common interface for the first time. Do you want your project to be included? Then get in touch with us!

How can I participate?

If you are running a digital project in the field of Jewish history and would like to help it gain greater visibility, please contact us. We will then examine whether the technical requirements are met for your project to be included in the collaborative portal. You can find out more about the various options for participation here.

Can completed projects be included as well?

Yes, as part of the portal, the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies also offers an archiving service for projects that are no longer maintained. You can find more information here.

Can only English-speaking projects participate?

No, the portal is bilingual (German / English), the content provided via the projects sometimes includes other languages as well. Initially, the prerequisite for participation is that your project website or the research data is available in German or English.

What is the advantage of participating in the collaborative portal?

The portal contributes to a higher visibility of the participating projects and can provide impulses for (DH) research through meta-search.