Welcome to the portal Jewish History online

The portal Jewish History online, hosted by the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies in Potsdam and developed in cooperation with the Institute for the History of the German Jews in Hamburg, offers a bilingual (German/English) platform for meta-searching various digital projects in the field of Jewish history. The portal thus makes thematically relevant content from different partners searchable on a single interface for the first time. The search result list as a digital synopsis of sources and research data stored virtually and physically in different locations not only enables easier access to small databases or editions, it can also offer new perspectives on one's own research question and provide impulses for (quantitative) methods of the Digital Humanities. read on



“Jewish Places”

In addition to personal testimonies or official documents, material traces provide clues to the past. These can be smaller objects as well as buildings (or their structural remains), squares or streets. read on

Our formats at a glance


In a database, research data on a specific area of interest is recorded in a structured manner and stored permanently. Filter and query options allow individualized access to these entries.


In an edition, selected sources are compiled and annotated according to specific scholarly standards. In a digital edition, the annotation is usually done according to the guidelines of the TEI and contains linkages through authority data.

Finding aid

Finding aids contain directories with indexing information on specific holdings or information on retrieval.

Oral history

Oral history is a research method by which new source material is produced through biographical or guideline-based interviews. In the portal, projects based on biographical or (audio-)visual material are summarized under this keyword.

Thematic website

Thematic websites bring together information on a specific topic for the purpose of research and / or outreach.