350 Jahre Juden in Brandenburg


On May 21, 1671, the Great Elector Frederick William issued an edict for the settlement of 50 Jewish families expelled from Vienna. The resettlement of Jews represents a caesura for their history in Brandenburg. From now on, Jewish life developed continuously in the state and many communities traced their origins back to this year. An equally important anniversary occurs since1991, 30 years ago, the "Jewish Community Land Brandenburg" was founded with its seat in Potsdam. Since then, there have been dynamic and surprising developments, as Jewish immigrants from the ex-Soviet Union also founded communities in the city of Brandenburg, in Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder, Bernau, Oranienburg and in Königs Wusterhausen.

350 years of Jewish life in Brandenburg are the occasion to offer a guide to Jewish Brandenburg within the framework of this website. In addition to references to events in the anniversary years, it offers information and insights into Jewish history as well as the present. It is intended as a platform for all those who deal with Jewish topics in Brandenburg in the most diverse ways. (Currently in German only.)

Thematic website
Thematic website

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